Navneeth Krishna


Game Reviews

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Watch Navneeth Krishna as he takes you through a quick and exhilarating rundown of every game this IPL season, in his brand new Youtube series - #QuickSingle. Your daily dose of IPL 2018 in nearly the time it takes for a #quicksingle!




Sports Commentary



Having commentated at various sports tournaments, including on ground and live commentary on national television for the 2017 T20 Cricket World Cup for the Blind, Navneeth is always greeted by a packed house each time he is entrusted with a mic. Commentary and sports presenting definitely go down as things Navneeth holds very close to his heart!

Corporate Summits


Right from ensuring top notch content quality to time management and seamless transition between sessions, it needs hosts to be on their toes and strike a fine balance between being well prepared and spontaneous. A value Navneeth has picked up from hosting these events: Practice makes perfect

Weddings and Parties


Trying his hand at hosting wedding events, he started off with hosting sangeet and cocktail parties that went on to be a huge hit. Christened to be the ‘friendly’ host in his social circle, he thoroughly enjoys entertaining and keeping people happy on these joyous occasions.


Team Events


Exuding positive energy, connecting with the audience and getting them to see value in the sessions and activities are all key skills that make team events impactful, most of which Navneeth has gleaned through his experiences over time! 

Talent Shows 


Keeping a bunch of talented folks motivated on stage and ensuring that the audience complement the energy of the contestants and continue to stay upbeat through it all can be challenging. But where is the fun if it were all too easy? Navneeth is always up for challenges!


Award ceremonies


Building up the suspense and curiosity, keeping the energy and enthusiasm levels high and all this while ensuring you make the awardee feel special can be unnerving for the host! But Navneeth always lives by 'Keep calm and the show is on'.